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Color Remover

Color Remover- Does this work on old dye that is grown out?

Color Remover- I have blonde highlights on dark brown hair, can this remove the highlights?

Color Remover- I used a color remover and now my hair looks orange, why?

Color Remover- I want to go back to my natural color, can Color Oops or a Color Remover do that?

Color Remover- I'm natural dirty blonde and I've dyed my black for years, will Color Remover get the black out?

Color Remover- Will this remove henna from hair?

Color Remover- Will I need a toner after?

Color Remover- Will this remove purple hair dye?

Should my hair be dry before I re-color?

Color Prep

Color Prep- I have about 2 inches of roots grown out. Will it lighten my roots too, or just the hair that has been dyed?

Color Prep- I have both permanent and demi hair colors. Will this remove demi hair dye?

Color Prep- Can I use color prep on hair that has some styling products on it, or should I wash my hair first and let it dry?

Conditioning Bleach

Conditioning Bleach- Should I use Conditioning Bleach if my hair is already bleached?

Conditioning Bleach- Could I mix this bleach with developer or conditioner to create more product? Or would it dilute the bleach too much?

Conditioning Bleach- Should I use a color remover before the bleach and can I color my hair after wash/dry after bleach?

Conditioning Bleach- Can I dye my hair after I used the color bleach?

Conditioning Bleach- What’s included in the Conditioning Bleach?

Hi-Lift Bleach

Hi- Lift Bleach Why should I avoid getting bleach on my scalp?

Hi- Lift Bleach- Why is there a maximum time limit on bleach?

Hi- Lift Bleach- I am afraid my hair will not turn out how I want how can I ensure the best results?