Beauty in Bloom

Spring is blooming in an array of vibrant colors, symbolizing rebirth, hope and new beginnings. Nature drenched in sunshine makes everything appear brighter, which may prompt you to create your own beauty transformation. While your darker hair was just right for your winter look, it’s now begging for brightness. If you dare to go with a fresh new hair color for spring, we can help you out.

Color Prep for Beautiful Blooms

Color Oops Color Prep is ideal for when you want to remove the buildup of unwanted color or prepare hair for color transition. Blooming with botanicals, this blend of clarifying ingredients, including Aloe Vera and Soy Protein, help protect damaged hair while promoting healthy hair growth. Easily transition to a new spring shade with Color Prep, to help fade or remove color, and safely re-color the same day.

Beauty Benefits

  • Clarifying formula rinses away dull hair color, product and mineral buildup
  • Aloe Vera deep cleans hair while offering nourishing benefits
  • Soy Protein helps strengthen & mend brittle, over-processed hair


  • Part 1 Color Remover
  • Part 2 Color Remover
  • Gloves + Cap + Instruction Sheet

Results may vary depending on starting hair level, texture & porosity. Hair that is thick or extra long length may require more than one box.



Put on gloves, protective clothing and cover surrounding area.

Comb out tangles, pre-section hair into 4 equal parts.

Apply petroleum jelly to hairline and top of ears to protect skin.


Carefully add bottle #1 to applicator bottle #2; shake well for 30 seconds.

Pointed away from the face, cut tip on applicator cap if needed.


Working in thin sections, apply formula to clean, dry hair 1/4 inch from scalp.

Saturate hair completely and evenly.

Using gloved hands, massage product into hair to help break down & remove old color.


Place cap on hair and process for 20 minutes. Check hair’s progress frequently.

For best results, avoid low temperatures; room temperature of 70° F and above.

DO NOT process more than 20 minutes.


Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.

Shampoo hair and rinse with warm water for 20 minutes (Yes – 20 minutes).

Shampoo again and rinse for 5 minutes. Repeat if needed.

PRO TIP: Rinsing hair with warm water helps remove old color; the more you rinse the better your results. If product is not fully rinsed out, dye may settle back into the hair.


A deep conditioner or hair masque will re-hydrate the hair and help eliminate any lingering scent. Apply to towel dried hair, leave on for 3 minutes and rinse.


Do a strand test, as hair may process faster.

In some cases, it may only take 5 minutes to process your beautiful new color.