Springtime Beauty Refresh

When the seasons change, and we pull away from chilly Winter weather into warm Spring, excitement and renewal fill the air. As flowers start blooming, we see this as a time of new beginnings. We start making plans for the year, switch out our wardrobes, and take an honest look at our appearance. When we were hibernating in the winter, cold cloudy days weren’t conducive to taking extra time for ourselves. But now, longer sunshiny days are the motivation we need to make changes and act on.

Freshening up your beauty routine should include freshening up your strands. If you’ve found that your beautiful blonde highlights have turned brassy with unwanted warm tones, you may need a hair toning treatment.

Color Oops Brass Correct is a bond-building treatment infused with purple pigment that helps neutralize brassy tones with the deep-conditioning benefits of Coconut Oil. Simply apply to clean, dry hair from root to tip. Ensure even saturation by massaging treatment into the hair. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes for best results, then rinse out. 

Beauty Benefits

  • Purple Pigment cancels out warm tones to reduce brassiness.
  • Coconut Oil helps increase shine while restoring hydration.
  • Linseed Extract is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, helps repair chemical damage & processed hair.
  • The toning effect is buildable and can be used weekly to offset unwanted warm tones.
  • Experience more visible results each time you use it.

Say goodbye to brass as your strands shine bright this Spring.