Women's History Month Inspires Beauty & Individuality

Women’s History Month celebrates women’s contributions to leadership, courage, strength and accomplishments. Color Oops honors the amazing and beautiful women who have shaped our world, starting with our parent company, Developlus. The importance of inclusion and diversity within the workplace has always been valued, empowering everyday women to be themselves while declaring their independence and individuality through hair color. 

California Based Beauty 

Female owned and operated, Developlus was founded in 1991 by Ann & Dave Agrey, and with the commitment of three generations, has since evolved into a beauty industry leader in hair color and formula development. To ensure that every product meets exacting standards with an intense focus on environmental sustainability and no animal testing in any form, products are manufactured on-site in its Southern California facility. Many products are vegan certified and paraben free, providing gentle yet effective options to keep your hair at its healthiest with every use. Creating innovative, cruelty-free formulations that maintain the integrity of the hair are of the utmost importance. We inspire individuality and self-expression through quality hair and beauty products that offer possibilities only limited by your imagination.  

DIY Confidence in Color Oops  

DIY hair coloring is a creative process and empowers women to be expressive, saving you time and money from costly salon visits. But sometimes we (and even the professionals) have an oopsie that needs to be fixed. Color Oops offers solutions to help solve problems that can arise in the hair coloring process, including removing a color you did not want, or correcting off-tones. We believe in protecting processed hair - even our bleaches are infused with conditioning elements!  

Hi-Lift Conditioning Bleach for a Sunkissed Glow 

Infused with Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera, Color Oops Hi-Lift Conditioning Bleach nourishes hair as it lifts up to 5 levels. The extra boost of protection and hydration from the extra Coconut Oil additive makes it gentle enough to use on previously processed or bleached hair, while the included shampoo and conditioner help restore the hair’s pH balance. 

Bleach Kit Contains: 

  • Conditioning Bleach Oxide + Bleach Oil + Bleach Powder 
  • Complete Shampoo + Reconstructor Conditioner 
  • Gloves + Instruction Sheet

Results may vary depending on starting hair level, texture & porosity. Hair that is thick or longer than chin length may require more than one box. 

 Going Blonde Made Easy 
*Watch Video Here 


Put on gloves, protective clothing and cover surrounding area. 

Comb out tangles, pre-section hair into 4 equal parts. 

Apply petroleum jelly to hairline and top of ears to protect skin. 


Carefully add Bleach Oil into the Oxide mixing bottle; shake well for 30 seconds. 

Pointed away from the face, add half of the Bleaching Powder to the mixture; shake well for 1 minute. 

Pointed away from the face, add the remaining Bleaching Powder to the mixture; shake well for 1 minute. 

Still pointed away from the face, cut tip on applicator. 


Working in thin sections, apply bleach to clean, dry hair 1/4 inch from scalp. 

Ensure even application and saturation. 

Monitor hair every 10 minutes. DO NOT process more than 30 minutes. 


Rinse away color thoroughly before using Complete Shampoo.  

Follow up with Reconstructor Conditioner; leave on for 3 minutes. 

Rinse hair, dry and style. 


Color Oops recognizes that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Happy Women's History Month to all the beautiful and diverse women out there!