Crushing on These Curls

Love or Infatuation?

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, infatuation, and spending time on your favorite crush. When it comes to hair color, infatuation can sometimes turn to love… but sometimes turns to regret. 

Breakups Can Be Healthy

You know the feeling; you get pulled into the hottest trend and take the risk to be bold and expressive after you spent months getting your curls healthy. But after the color intensity fades away, your curls have lost their bounce and turned to frizz, you’re left with wanting to hide away and undo what feels like a mistake. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Self-Care is Self-Love

No longer in love with your hair color? Lather up and wash it out! Fading Wash is a fast and easy solution for gently fading artificial hair color to reach your hair goals. This lovingly balanced solution with blue bleach powder lifts color and brightens hair tone while activated charcoal deeply cleanses and conditions hair and scalp.



 Gentle on Your Curls

Fading Wash by Color Oops with Activated Charcoal is a gentle conditioning formula that lightens hair 1-2 levels and won’t compromise hair health. This single application is fast and easy-to-use, you’ll see results in just 20 minutes! Safe for lightening fragile or over-processed hair, turn this textured frizz around, and back to the natural curls you cherish.

You’ll fall in love with Color Oops as it keeps you crushing on your curls!